The Smart Retail Solution

How did we start?

Being actively involved in a chain retailer’s operation, we realised there is a huge gap in SMEs when they are expanding. Especially for those involving franchise business across different locations. We constantly hear questions about: How to manage our Supply Chain? How can we monitor sales? How can we centralise marketing to also benefit franchisees? We don’t have enough budget, so we have to pay high commissions to third parties to manage our online orders.

The smart solution – solves all pain points

After observing all the pain points of smaller or growing chain retailers, we have developed this one smart retail solution. Link For Ideas’ solution platform can provide many retailers a simple and cost effective way to manage all their stores; one platform that manages online ordering system, e-Commerce and to internal inventory management. It’s completely customisable in-house software, say ‘no’ to high commission to those third party delivery companies. 

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