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The Smart Retail Solution

Being actively involved in a chain retailer’s operation, we realised there is a huge gap in SMEs when they are expanding. After observing all the pain points of smaller or growing chain retailers, we created this one smart retail solution that can provide many retailers a great platform to manage all their store’s online ordering system, e-Commerce and internal inventory management. It’s completely customisable in-house software, say ‘no’ to high commissions to those third party delivery companies. 

What we offer?

We understand retailers cannot only have their presence on the high street anymore. People want to have the flexibility in buying, so this one solution and one platform will provide retailer and its customers a more convenient management and shopping experience.

One Platform…

e-Commerce Solution

Order Online System for Pickup or Delivery

Managing a Franchise Business

Inventory Management

CRM – getting to know your customer better

SEO Management to boost your online presence

Best retail solutions to grow your business faster and smoother

Our Menu

Basic Solution Monthly Plan

Just a simple solution managing your store online: a webpage integrated with an e-Commerce solution or just an online ordering system for pickup and delivery. 

£ 30

Full Solution Monthly Plan

You want to sell your products online as well as managing offline sales for pickup and delivery. This plan includes: webpage, e-Commerce site and online ordering system. 

£ 60

Premium Solution Monthly Plan

Build a powerful full platform framework that includes: webpage, content with SEO management, e-commerce solution, inventory management solution, 2 branches built in with online ordering systems. We also provide monthly technical support. 

£ 100

Customised Plan 

Based on your business needs, we can customise your package either with a fair monthly fee or you can partner with us and we will build the solution framework for free.

£ ?

Free consultation

Book an online demonstration to see how this platform can help your business. 


Learn how we can help you increase your franchise possibilities.

When running one store is manageable but what if you have many requests for the brand lovers who wish to develop and deliver it in a different location? 

What if you are just starting and wish to get your brand developing faster? 

Get some ideas and insights of how we can help you grow in the Franchise space. 

What our client say?

We used to manage our 3 stores all manually, taking orders over the phone and using only paper and pen to do our stock take. Deliveroo had been a good platform for delivery orders but their commission is high. We have so many repeat customers who would make a large order and would only pay online, we have no choice but to ask them to pay on Deliveroo’s platform. 

Now we have Link For Ideas who built this fabulous framework for us to manage all internal and external requests which was so brilliant and seamless. I strongly recommend you to have a quick conversation with them just to get an idea of what they can do for your business. 

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